Which one is cool being committed or being single ??


Being alone is better sometimes

Is it really necessary to be in a relationship ??

Most of us think that being in a relationship is very cool as it seems to be different from others. Actually this whole thought process is assumed to be somehow immature. It might sound something different than you expected. But still it is true.

So, let us clear it in very detail…

Yes, being in a relationship makes you feel joyful or somehow comfortable. As you both are fulfilling each other’s desires. You’re desiring each others in your dreams. You both are taking care of each other, that really seems to be impressive and somehow very lovable for each other. Also having a perfect partner is like a blessing in everyone’s lives.. And also it is not easy to get one. You might have to wait for your entire lifetime to get that one perfect life partner.

Being in a relationship is good for those who want to share their life with someone who really understands them. or we can say that it is for those souls who really understands each other. It is for those who want to let their relationship go to the beyond of their friendship zones and to the very end of their life.



If you’re happy being single then it’s totally OK. There is no any problem in that. At some point we all think that we need a life partner and life also gives you chance to have one. Now it’s your responsibility to realize that person who is made for you ❤. And if in case you’re not able to find or somehow no one appeared in your life then also it’s not bad. But you’ll find one fir you one day for sure.

Also there are lot more people in the world who are single af and also try enjoy it. Not because they are single but they enjoys their work. Everyone in this world should love his/her work and work for what he/she loves. I personally have seen so many guys as well as girls who enjoys their life as bring single because they love their work more than anything else.


Your identity is not get identified by the world with your looks or family or even your partner but This world knows you by your work.

So, I’ll suggest to love your work and it will be responsible for your happiness.

After all happiness is what all we want from our life.

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