When you truly love someone but hesitate in expressing it

Here’s an another poem on the situation where you truly love someone but you’re shy and hesitate while saying it.

Read this poem and you’ll able to relate it with your very own real life. So let’s get started with this special poem….

Jo ishq hai jata le
Tere ishq ko bata le
Ye lamha kuch aisa tu bhar
Tere ishq se raushan duniya tu kar

Na de aansu is manjar ko
Na Nami se aankhe banjar ho
Lehre bhi tabh tadapti hai
Jabh dur unse samandar ho !!!

Tera ishq hi teri himmat ho
Fir kaisi uski qimat ho
Mila de khoon paseene mein
Jaise ishq mehaz teri fitrat ho

Ek din to wo bhi aayega
Jabh sar aasmaan ka jhuk jayega
Jabh rang se shamil hogi rangat teri
Fir tera noor na ruk payega

Jo ishq hai jata le

Is matlab ho hata le
Kis bat ki tadpan hai tujhme
Ek bar galey bas tu laga le

So I hope you guys liked this poem and if so then please share this with your very special loved ones ❤.This poem is written by Yash Sharma, the admin of the youtube channel Ankahin si baatein.

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