Top 5 Healthy Relationship Advice For Couples

There are lot differences between in falling in love and staying in love. Falling in love is a result of your cute feelings and excitements that you feel for her/him.

Falling in love is most likely as the  Ludus Love.

But falling in love is not only thing which all we want, all of us here want some permanent solution for our life.

This is why it becomes important to know about the best practices while being in a living relationship or being in a marriage life.

In this article we’re going to see the top 10 most effective ways for couples. Using these methods you can exponentially increase your relationship life.

1. Happiness is the key :

Happiness is the key
Happiness is the key

We always hope for the happiness while being in a relationship. So why not bring this out into our real life.

So how can we achieve that ??

It’s very simple, Like doing things which you love ??

But since you’re living in a relationship which means you can do something which may keep your partner happier.

Okay great, So if I’ll do only those things which makes my partner happier. Then what about my own happiness ??

Here’s a solution, Do the things which makes both of you happier. For example,

You both may love to play PUBG together. Or You both may love to play ludo or any other game.

You both may love to workout together, you can help each other in taking care of each other’s diet plan.

Watch movies together, cook together or help each other etc…

Do things together
Do things together

2. Don’t forget to take a break :

take a break from work
Take a break from work

It is very much possible that you both have been working so long and may not have enough holidays.

But apart from everything it is very important to have some break in between. Keeping the stress of your work will definitely not work for your relationship.

You both should have at least 1 or 2 vacation together annually. It’s definitely better to go somewhere where you both have much of good memories together. It keeps your love life alive for a reason and also reminds you of those older days.

On other hand you should have some vacations where you both have never been before. This will help you to create even new memories. You can learn here why it is important to make new memories.

Take a break
Don’t forget to take a break from work


3. Communication is very important :

find time for communication
find time for communication

It is very much possible nowadays that due to lots of work pressure or busy schedule you might not be available for your partner throughout the whole day.

And that’s the most heart breaking thing that one can do.

No matter how busy you are, you should give some time to communicate with your partner. You can talk your mutual interests or personal interests. You can even go for some naughty conversations to keep it apart from boringness.

Also in some cases if a guy feels hurt then he doesn’t express it to his partner and consequently it results into some bad times together. Which is definitely not something that we want in our relationships. Same applies for the girls as well.

You have to express whatever you feel about her or about some sort of circumstances. Keep it fresh and non egoistic as possible.

Express your feelings
Express your feelings

 4. Intimacy never goes out of healthy relationship :

Intimacy is important
Intimacy is important

We all have a physical touch desire from our respective partner. Doesn’t matter whether he/she expresses it clearly or not. Intimacy keeps you attracted towards each other.

If you have watched the movie “Five Feet Apart” then you’ll know the importance of touch. And specially when it comes from our loved ones.

But make sure to do this at some certain level that means if your partner is retarding for it then don’t go for this.

kiss her
Do it smoothly

5. None of us are perfect :

None of us are perfect
None of us are perfect

Most of the times we start expecting so many things from our partner. Like he/she should be able to do this or that or bla bla bla.  See, we all have expectations but on other hand we cannot expect everything from our partner.

The best thing in any relationship is togetherness in every situation. If that met in your relationship the your partner is definitely better than anyone in this world.

We cannot be perfect and in the same manner we shouldn’t expect the same from our partner.

Understand each other
Understand each other




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