Some Very Related Definitions Of Love

We all have been hearing about love throughout our whole lifetime. And most probably it’s never gonna stop bursting into our hearts.

As you have reached here, so it is very much possible that your curiosity about love have brought you here.

So, first things first… what is love.

Well, In my opinion it is something that can actually never be defined in words as it is more about feelings than words.

So let’s check out some very interesting definitions of love by some people from all over the World.

In most of the cases people relates love with so called lust, relating with the same a Militant Liberal says,

not everyone is perfect


“Lust is the desire for their body

Love is the desire for their soul”

Along with these beautiful definition for love, We also have some kind funny definition as well.

Love meaning

“Love is the Nature’s way  of tricking people into reproducing”

Haha… a kind of funny definition.

By the way apart from the funny things we have an another definition by Polka which may lead you to go into some deep thoughts for love.

love meaning

“Love means risking your life to save others. Love is giving them the last piece of cake, no matter how much you want it. Love is giving your whole self and never holding back. Love is when he/she remember things that you forgot about yourself. Love is commitment. Love is that tingly feeling you get and you don’t know why. Love is holding into them like tomorrow will never come.” 

Another most real feeling and felt by all of us has given by Balot Head as :

Understand each other

“Love is about to give everything you have… and not expecting anything in return”

Here another definition of love might surprise you. And might seem you very unreal but in fact it is very true.

love meaning

“Love is a word used by many, but understood by few”

On other hand Shannon Elizabeth describes both mature and Immature ways as :

love you
meaning of love

“Immature Love : I love you, because I need you.

Mature Love : I need you, because I love you!” 

The another definition of love that digs me inside is :

Be clean

“Nature’s ways of letting you know that even when you’re happy, you can still feel the extreme pain”

Now this one may make you laugh, like seriously,

meaning of love

“A word that guys use over and over so they can get into girl’s pants !!”

Last but not least,

love wali feeling

“Being lame together while not caring about what other people think”



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