Is she/he your attraction or your true love ??


Most of the boys often times feels like they are in love with a girl and then again another week the same guy falls in love with another one and so on and so forth.

Lol !!!

Let’s have a deep look into it…

Love isn’t a joke neither a time pass, the best example of proving it right is the love between you and your parents.

Have you ever thought why you love your parents ???

Because they gave birth to you ??

I think this might not be the reason.

Selflessness and taking care of other

They are taking care of you since you were totally unaware of this very cruel world (your innocent childhood’s life). Whatever you’ll achieve in your life they won’t expect even a single bit of that. But whenever you’ll be in trouble they will always be there no matter how hard the situation is.

Let’s apply it to your relationship

So one thing is very clear that love is selfless. If you truly love someone it would be selfless. Giving a space to someone in your heart means they have become an important part of your life ❤.



You’ll be happy if she’ll happy, you’ll be there for her whenever she’ll be in any trouble. You won’t leave her no matter how hard the situation occurs that’s what we called love is all about ❤.

Time Plays a Vital role

So let’s come back to our parents, you’ve been with your parents since 19 years (or whatever it is in your case). Spending this much of time is quite long and it’s impossible to forget someone you’ve spent this amount of time.

Remember when you firstly left your parents and started living in any hostel or far from your parents. You can’t decline the fact that you were missing your parents hardly whenever you were alone there. As it’s very obvious that you’ve countless memories with them since you’ve spent so much time with them.

Time spent between you and her

In a similar way if you truly likes someone then start spending time with her, this will help you in understanding whether she is a perfect match for you or not, you’ll get chances of understanding her better, and if everything goes well then till that time you would have already spent enough amount of time to be remembered.

spend time with her


Those memories won’t let you to forget her neither she’ll be able to forget you if everything has went well. And in case if you and her got separated for a while then those memories will act as a sweet poison that will increase the feelings inside both of you.


Now again let’s come back to our parents, you might be thinking why I’m again and again taking example of our parents every time. It’s because their love is true and pure. And it’s very hard to find such love in any other corner of the world. Also every time whenever I think about love the very first pic appears in my mind is of my parents. That’s the only reason I’m taking example of them if the point is about love ❤.

Now the next point is your mutual understandings between you and your parents, in most of the cases your parents understands you even more than yourself, they knows it very well what are you doing in your life and even what you’re going to do in your future , nothing is hidden from them.

yes it’s different thing that often they don’t say much about all this but still they know it better than yourself, and you love your parents because you understand them, you know it that they will take you a stand no matter how hard the situation arrives, you understand that how hard they are working to make your future brighter.

Mutual Understandings

In a similar way mutual understandings plays very vital roles in your relationship’s life, if your thoughts are getting opposed every time then it will be difficult to continue with your partner. If you’re with her you should understand her and she should understand you as well.


mutual understandings


you both should have a belief towards each other at every stage. Then only you can continue your relationship as longer as possible or even for the whole life.

If these three criteria meets your relationship then she’s your true love for sure. Never let her go no matter what you have to pay for it because you won’t find another one in your whole life time. Such people comes very rarely into your life. So open your eyes and don’t let them go in any hard situation.

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