How to get a girlfriend for yourself


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If you’re tired of trying everything to get a girlfriend and still got nothing. Then this article will help you to find and get a perfect girlfriend for yourself.

So, let’s get started…

1. Build a network : Building a network with different people is important because you may not get a girlfriend because you’re shy or you hesitate while talking with strangers.

Remove this hesitation and try to talk with strangers every week. This will help you to remove your hesitation & will unconsciously build your confidence level.

Also, the more people you’ll meet the bigger pool of people you’ll have to choose from and the more number of girls you’ll meet there will be more chances of getting a perfect girlfriend for yourself as you’ll analyze which type of girl you want for your life or which girl suits you perfectly or not.

2. Listen carefully to her : See, there’s difference between just hearing and listening. For example, hearing is just about to hear someone without any interest but listening includes all your attention as well interest towards her. So every time listen carefully to all her words.


Girls likes a guy who is really interested in listening to her problems. And when you’re listening to her and understanding her problems then you’re one step up than any other guy in the pursuit.

Also, if she asks for your advice then you should give it but make sure you’re not making it too boring. Girls just hate it, make sure to give a genuine reply that can help her out.

3. Don’t compromise with cleanliness : Most of the boys have a habit of making everything messed up, don’t do that girls just hate it.

Be clean
Be clean


Leave a habit of everything that spread dirtiness. Be clean, wear clean because girls like it clean. And that means you need to make every effort to clean up after yourself. Never leave it to her to do so.

If you’re sneezing while talking to her or spreading any kind of dirtiness then simply you’re killing the romance. If you want to sneeze go away from her for a while and return freshly.

4. Give genuine compliments : Girls just love compliments, challenge yourself to find something beautiful or something admirable in any girl, it doesn’t need to be physical but it can be any of her skills, some cute gesture, some admirable trait or anything good about her either.


Recognizing and expressing any good thing about any girl will make them more attracted towards you. But make sure to make a genuine compliment every time. And during all this don’t try to be over smart in front of her, girls catches it easily.

5. Be caring : This is needed every time she’s in help but in many cases she won’t tell you that she needs any help but it’s your task to find it anyway. You need to show her that you will take care of her. No matter how hard the situation comes.


Do whatever can make her happy and never her feel alone in any condition.

It’s the time when you show your careness to her where she’ll fell in love with you.

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