Different Types Of Love That You Should Know About

In our today’s article we are gonna see that how many different types of love actually exists in this world.

In today’s world people often misinterpret the actual meaning of love.

And hence they lack the knowledge of which kind of love they actually hold  within their any kind of relationship with anyone.

The Ancient Greeks studied and researched about the love.

And came with some awesome consequences, so without having any further do lets start our article right away.

There are basically 8 different types of love which were given by the Ancient Greeks that may be given as :


1. Eros Love :

Eros love is sometimes also known as erotic love or passionate love.

This kind love is a kind of desire to have some physical relationship with someone you really love.

It’s a kind of very powerful attraction to one another.

As a matter of fact Greeks thought that this kind of love is very dangerous in nature. As Eros love is very associated with the passion of love, Physical attraction, sexual desires.

This kind of desire do not lasts long for the very long time.

So next time whenever you think about Eros love then remember that it may not last long as you have expected.

Eros love – A kind of love

2. Philia Love :

Philia is sometimes also known as the affectionate love or in other terms we can say it as the love that you feel for your friends and colleagues.

Many people around the world considers that there is a romance between the people who love but ironically, it is not necessary to have romance between two if they love, as said by the Plato.

Hence these kind of love generally also referred as Platonic love.

The love between the friends

3. Agape Love :

Agape Love is a kind of an unconditional love.

Or it is sometimes also called as  altruistic love. Only few people in the World can feel this kind of love for the long term.

Agape love can also be seen in the case of some Spiritual love as well, for example : the love for the God.

In different Religions, the name of the God may be different but the whole point is to love  between a human and the spiritual power.

In such scenarios one can never be too greedy with other and in some cases even expectations are minimal than usual.

Agape love

4. Storge – The Familiar Love :

Storge is a kind of Philia love where there’s a lot of friendship between the people.

We can say the familiar love but there’s no any kind of sexual or erotic relationship between them.

Let me explain,

In our normal World Storge love can easily be seen within you and your parents.

One’s parent love their children for their entire lifetime with having any kind of expectations and greediness.

Familiar Love

5. Ludus – Playful love :

Ludus love can be said as the playful love.

Because this is kind of love which happens when you see someone for the very first time and feel something something for her/him.

Ludus is the kind of very initial stage of love when you starts talking to her or him and you sometimes shy or you both make fun together.

The feeling of seeing her everyday, the feeling of missing her every time, or the feeling of getting reply from her in texts.

In this stage of love you feel very excited for your partner and sometimes behave childish in front of her/him even unintentionally.

Ludus Love

6. Pragma Love :

Pragma Love sometimes also be called as Enduring Love.

This is the kind of love which everyone wants to have and this is the exactly the same love which is even harder to develop and maintain.

And the truth is this is the most trustworthy and pleasurable love one can ever feel in their life.

This is because Pragma love happens when you spend so many time with your partne. And generate so many good memories with them.

This kind of love never require lot of efforts in one’s relationship.

Even both of them are very good at compromising the things for each other and make equal efforts to keep each other happier.

This kind of love can be seen in married couples or old couples, in very few cases can be found in unmarried couples.

Pragma Love

7. Philautia Love :

Philautia love is a kind of Self love that doesn’t mean to be selfish and become narcissistic in and any way.

The self love means taking care of yourself first and try to keeping yourself happier as possible because you can’t love others if you can’t love yourself.

If you’re taking care of others and making them feel like special then show the exact same kind of love to yourself as well.

In fact it’s very important to give and receive love from each others.

If we won’t love ourselves then we definitely can’t love others as well.

Because how can we give others what we actually don’t have in any way !!

Being alone is better sometimes
Philautia Love

8. Mania Love :

This kind of love is meant to be very dangerous type of love.

Because this sometimes put you and  others as well in troubles .

This happens as Mania love is meant to be very obsessive kind of love. Where a person can do anything in order to get their partner.

And in case if one became unable to get their partner then they harm themselves.

And in some cases others or may perform any kind of crimes as well.

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