Being rich is important ???

Money isn't important

In today’s scenario most of the people think that being rich is so cool and important for being in a relationship.

Having lots of money can bring you wealth and resources and even you can get a charming girlfriend as well. But the same money can’t buy you skills and manners for being in a society to live with and it’s the truth !!

Let’s walk through a story to clarify the actual meaning of money and relationships.


Once there was a guy named John who was not very good at his financial conditions and suddenly he lost his job as well. He was living with his girlfriend named Julia in a living relationship. His fiance was also doing a job for their survival. Both hardly managed in a situation where he lost his job.

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The situation was this much of critical that he was even not able to pay the house rent. And his girlfriend has to pay the whole rent of that month. He apologized for the same and she understood.

One day Julia was on her way to office and suddenly she met with her old friend Jack who was quit rich at that time. And their conversation lasts till some 10-15 minutes. And within the same time Jack offered her for having a cup of coffee in evening of the same day. She couldn’t deny his offer since he was his very old friend and she agreed for the coffee.

In the evening when Jack & Julia met at the coffee shop, they went for a little conversation there. Where he told her that his net worth is around $500k per year. At the moment she told him that she’s also working in company but her salary isn’t $500k. And said may be in the future I would be able to earn $500k also.

Suddenly the waitress came aside and offered coffee which they had ordered.  And mistakenly the cup of coffee got slipped from the waitress hands. And coffee fallen to Julia’s Shirt and Jack’s shoes.

After that Jack got angry over the waitress and said most bad and unexpected words to her. Replying to him Julia said it’s all OK, see I’ve also got my shirt dirty but still it’s not a big deal. And shockingly Jack said to Julia that your shirt is priceless as compared to my shoes worth.

Hearing this Julia left the place just after few minutes. And went for her home and after reaching home she found John had fallen asleep. And when goes closed to him she found that he was still trying to make some money through any trading website. She felt happy that she has such a guy who never gives up for keeping her happy.


Having lots of money can’t buy you manners and this very recent story tells us that that being true to yourself and to your partner is enough, Not money all the time you need.

But the faith is the one that is needed in every relationship.

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