Are you finding a life partner ???

single girl

Do you fall in love with someone too easily ???

Are you willing to have that one soulmate you always wanted ???

Then just read this story, this might change your thought process about finding your love….

Once there was a girl who used to fall in love easily with almost every guy she meets. One day she met a guy at a coffee shop and started talking to him on a random topic. He also shown his interest and paid his attention towards her. At first sight she thought like “yes he’s the one”. 

H's the one

Days passed and they started dating each other. They were actually enjoying each others company. They loved spending time together and finally one day the guy proposed her that he loves her too much. At the moment she was just amazed that she got his proposal and within no time she agreed to him.


Now they started living together in a single house and they were also started their life plans for further days and she was really very happy for all of this that was happening at that moment. She was that much of impressed that she got in a physical relationship with him as well. Their life were going damn smooth and she started thinking that he’s a blessing in her life.

One day when she went for shopping alone and came back home and she found him with an another woman sitting together watching movie. She was quite shocked and he started making excuses but at the end she understood everything about the guy and went away from him for her lifetime.

lonely girl


Never ever fall in love with anyone you meet in your lifetime even though he/she seems to be very caring or cool doesn’t matter at all. Most of the people think that they should be in a relationship with someone however it may not be good for you to be in a relationship with wrong ones. They might end up by hurting you badly.

If you really want a true love for your life then see into your life who’s the one who you know very well and also he/she knows you. Try to build your trust level. For more see this How to find true love for you

See, the concept of love is very clear that you cannot eat the fruit the same day you seed it !!

You have to wait for it to be happened.


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