A poem of being a soulmate of your love

It’s a poem of being a soulmate of your love one written by Yash Sharma , a very famous poem writer nowadays.

You can find even more of his poems at अनकहीं सी बातें channel on YouTube.So let’s get started with this poem I hope you guys will enjoy it as much I do❤

Teri mushkil bhi mai
Tera hal bhi hu ❤
Tera karma bhi mai

Uska fal bhi hu 🙂


Tera rona bhi mai
Mai hi teri muskaan bhi hu 😉
Tera faida bhi mai
Mai hi tera nuksaan bhi hu 😆😆

Teri tadap bhi mai
Mai hi hu teri arzoo
Teri jannat bhi mai
Or mai hi narak ki rubaru !!!

Teri mehnat bhi mai
Mai hi teri jeet hu 🙂
Tera tap bhi mai aur
Mai hi teri preet hu 😍😍

Tu mehaz chan akhshar hai mere ansh ka
Tujhse bana mai geet bhi hu ❤❤

Tera imaan mai
Mai hi tera kapat hu
Tere andar ka insaan mai
Mai hi teri tapas hu !!!Teri dua hu mai
Mai hi tera wardaan hu
Mera koi chehra nahi
Tere man mein basa gyaan hu ❤❤

If you liked this poem then share this with your love one ❤

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