What Is Crypto Currency? What Are The Benefits Of Crypto Currency?

What Is Crypto Currency?  What Are The Benefits Of Crypto Currency? 

Hello friends how are you all?  Hope you are all healthy.  I once again welcome all of you to our brand new article.  Friends, in this article today we are going to tell you about crypto currency.  Today we will tell you what is crypto currency?  And why is crypto currency used?  So friends, if you also want to know about crypto currency, then read the article till the last.

Friends, if you are active in social media and have knowledge of the internet, then we are sure that you must have heard the name of the crypto currency.  Friends, crypto currency is very much discussed today, but what is crypto currency and why cryptocurrency is used, even today people do not know about it.  That is why today we have decided to tell you about crypto currency.

 Friends, you all know the meaning of the word currency.  A currency is provided in every country to meet its needs.  Which we know as currency.  For example rupee in India, dollar in us Similarly, every country has its own currency.  But friends, this currency is in physical form, that is, you can keep this currency in your pocket.  You can touch it.  This currency also has some disadvantages.  Sometimes a thief steals our money.  Sometimes our house is stolen and this wastes all our money.  Crypto currency was discovered to avoid all these problems.

 What Is Crypto Currency?

 Crypto currency is a special type of currency. First of all you should know that it does not have any physical form.  You cannot see it with your eyes nor touch it. But it acts like a real currency.  Crypto currency has been introduced to promote online transactions.

 Crypto currency is not available in physical form, so there is no possibility of it being lost or stolen.  You keep the cryptocurrency in the internet and if needed, you can give it to anyone and you can take cryptocurrency from anyone.

 History Of Crypto Currency

 If you do not know the history of cryptocurrency, then let me tell you that the first crypto currency was created in Japan.  An engineer in Japan launched the first crypto currency in 2009.  It is known as bitcoin.  The first to create a cryptocurrency was Sakosa Nakamota. 

 He was an engineer by profession.  When the crypto currency was initially launched, people did not know much about it, due to which it could not become popular, but as people started to learn about it and came to know about its benefits, people started using it more.  Today, crypto currency is used not only in India but all over the world.

 Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency but in addition to bitcoin today, there are many cryptocurrencies in the market.  There are many types of crypto currency.

 Types Of Crypto Currency

 Come on guys, now we are going to tell you some major types of crypto currency


 Friends, Bitcoin is the most popular type of crypto currency.  When the crypto currency was first launched, it was launched as bitcoin itself.  Bitcoin was introduced in Japan in the year 2009. Bitcoin is the most popular type of crypto currency and it is used a lot.


 Friends, after the launch of bitcoin, several types of currency were launched.  Bitcoin was launched in the year 2011 after bitcoin.  This currency was also popular and many people used it.


 Ethereum was built in the year 2015.  Ethereum was discovered when bitcoins and litcoins became popular and were considered successful.  Ethereum is an open source platform.


 Ripple was launched in 2012 before Ethereum was launched.  Riple is also a type of open source platform.  It is a type of USD.

 Bitcoin Cash

 When Bitcoin was launched, it had some disadvantages, so people did not like it much.  Bitcoin was then further improved and its security system was slightly further incremented and finally a new crypto currency named Bitcoin Cash was launched.

 What Are The Benefits Of Crypto Currency

 Friend, we told you what is crypto currency and what is the type of crypto currency?  Let us tell you what are the benefits of crypto currency?  Below are some of the major advantages of crypto currency.

 crypto currency is not available in physical form, so there is no possibility of it being lost or stolen.

 There is no need of agent in crypto currency.

 These currencies are saved in your online e-wallet, so you can use them for online shopping.

 Many people do not want to show their money to the public due to privacy reasons, such people can use crypto currency.

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