8 Things your girlfriend want you to do…


When you’re in a relationship with your girlfriend then most probably she’ll never tell you these 12 Things which she want from you and that’s the same we’re gonna know in this article.

So let’s get started…

1. Give her nicknames : You probably have already a nickname to your girlfriend. Which she does like every time you give her a different and exciting nickname about her.

give her compliments


But she’ll never tell you about this on her own. Although keep it in your mind to do this every time you get a chance of giving her a cute and very beautiful nickname for her.

2. Wrap your arms around her waist : Girls like this gesture just too much than you can expect. Although she’ll never tell you about this. But it’s your responsibility to make her feel special by wrapping hands around her waist.


But make sure that she’s your girlfriend. In case you’re trying to impress any girl to become your girlfriend then please try to avoid these kind of gestures until you become totally comfortable with her.

3. Give her beautiful compliments : Even though if you’re not in the relationship with your crush but you want to be then also this trick will work for you. If she’s your girlfriend anyway then this will add an extra bandage to your relation.


Give her compliments like made her realise that she’s beautiful. Or she’s cute, she’s special one in your life. You’ll never let her go anyway, you’ll always stand by her etc…

4. Let her borrow your sweaters & hoodies : This is the very beautiful gesture that you can show whenever needed. This gesture makes her feel special and her trust level also increases for you.

give her compliments


5. Kiss her to stop her from talking sometimes : This one is damn romantic stuff that you can do with your girlfriend to create a romantic room for her whenever needed. This is a thing that she’ll never ask you to do but you have to take a step for this and trust me it’s gonna make her silent it will bring her romantic as well.

kiss her


6. Never get afraid to show your emotions and feelings : This is very important part of any kind of relationship. Every girl in this world wants that if her partner really loves her then he can openly accept it & can show his emotions to her anywhere he wants & never get afraid of people that are around. Girls loves this quality in boys so much & this increases a level of trust in her for you that you’ll never leave her in any kind of situation.


7. Sometimes hug her for no reason : This is one of the most beautiful gesture you can give her. This can make her feel relaxed in case she’s in any trouble or her mood is upset. This will also increase the level of trust inside her for you and that’s wonderful for your long term relationship.


8. Open the door like a gentleman does it : Everywhere you go with her make sure to open the door like a gentleman does the same. It seems like a royal gesture that you can represent to her. I’ll suggest you to try this and she’ll notice it for sure.

Is she your attraction or true love


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